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Contributing with medical supply, donating and or volunteering your time at local or global medical facilities is a great way to give back. Communities with minimal financial support like refugee camps often have difficulty accessing sufficient health care. WeUnite makes health care accessible by providing supplies, infrastructure, and medicine to clinics and hospitals. We also educate refugee and other vulnerable communities about how to stay healthy under poor conditions. 


Volunteering at local & or global learning centers are great ways to get involved, donating funds and or educational supplies are always needed as well.  Children and young adults must receive a comprehensive education to have a promising future. WeUnite organizes initiatives that give refugees and other vulnerable people the academic, vocational and daily living skills they need to succeed in todays society. We believe education is key to engage in and provide a path to a more peaceful future for mankind. 

     Why Donate?

When you donate to WeUnite, your gift will go directly toward addressing top priorities in the Ukranian refugee program. Donate today to help us make life better for the thousands of Ukranian refugees and other vulnerable communities that are in need of immediate aid.



Volunteering enables individuals to help others in a selfless way. When individuals volunteer they may choose to help people, support philanthropic causes and provide assistance to their local community. Additionally, volunteering benefits everyone and is a terrific way to have a positive impact in the community/world.  Here at WeUnite we are always looking for great volunteers, please send us an email for information and opportunities. 


These is the simplest and most effective way to support a variety of charitable work.

Your donation will help improve the lives of displaced families, children and young people who are sick, disabled or disadvantaged.  We Unite strives to better the life's of those who have been affected directly by the turmoil of war. 

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