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WeUnite Corporation is a non profit organization that originated in Los Angeles California by people like you that have dedicated their time and energy to help others. We provide aid to the many displaced individuals that have been affected by catastrophic events around the world and currently due to Political displacement such as the Ukraine crisis. Our Team is providing direct emergency assistance to the Ukrainian refugees that have been affected and have lost everything. They are currently in need of not only everyday items to survive, but medical aid as well. Our team is supplying the refugees with food & water, clothes, sanitary items, blankets, medical aid, and other essentials. 

WeUnite and our partners are distributing these emergency items directly to the Ukrainian refugees. Our team is currently stationed at the different borders of Poland and other countries where millions of refugees are crossing and seeking refuge from the turmoil of war. WeUnite Corporation consists of American citizens as well as other foreign contributors that have decided to stand with Ukraine and to provide first-hand support to the people in need. We are teaming up with other organizations around the globe who's primary goal is to support and supply the vast amount of refugees seeking aid. Our ability to directly help & provide emergency aid to the many individuals in need is made possible from supporters around the world like yourself. 

Stand with UKRAINE
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