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Support Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis 

Millions of people have left their lives behind in the country of Ukraine. On February 24, 2022, Russia not only deployed its military into Ukraine, but invaded the country with bombs, shelling, and civilian slaughter. The Ukrainian people have now been forced to seek safety from neighboring countries, creating over 5 million refugees that are displaced. Displaced from their homes, their families, and their peace. 

WeUnite is an organization that was formed to help restore peace within refugees. 

WeUnite Corporation has been created to help millions of  displaced refugees by providing direct aid to

those whose lives have been uprooted by humanitarian crises.  Click on our About Us page to learn exactly how we are supporting Ukraine's refugees. 

WeUnite is able to operate due to private individuals like you. 

Getting involved is simple; spreading the word is a great way to educate, as well as volunteering locally & globally which allows you to assist directly in providing much needed funding.

WeUnite is funded by private individuals & organizations like you. Contributions allow our teams to directly help refugees on the frontline, in order to restore safety, health, and peace within people's lives.  Click on our Donate page to make an impact today.